Treisman Highboy

65H x 44W x 20D


I consider this piece to be among my most cherished projects. Professor Treisman wanted an elegant setting to safely display his collection of Chinese tea pots. His active involvement in American Arts and Crafts art and architecture meant that the resulting piece should likely be a marriage of two styles. This was an exciting prospect, since the endeavor to bring an ancient eastern aesthetic into conversation with this modern western philosophy of craftsmanship is an important theme in the Arts and Crafts styling, which has influenced my work.

Although they were centuries and oceans apart, these two aesthetics were bound by a common thread; work made with care and dignity by a human being. The result is always an object whose elements are uniquely sized or arranged in a way that discourage mass production.The elements that make up this highboy--the drawer pulls, the inlaid diamonds, the muntons and mullions, even the dovetails in the drawers--have each been carefully sized. The result of this meticulous process is harmony without repetition.

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Enlarged View

Full piece

Treisman Highboy Zoom

Door Detail

Lattice Door with stained and antique glass

Treisman Highboy Zoom

Drawer Detail

Drawer pulls get larger as they descend

Treisman Highboy Zoom

Top Detail

Crown detail

Treisman Highboy Zoom