Jamies Buffet

42H x 81W x 19 1/4 D

$ 12,500-$ 25,500

Phil and Jamie needed a convenient buffet to store the silverware and china that has passed down in Phil's family. The design evolved in collaboration with Jamie. The goal was to celebrate and preserve the collection. We were guided by the collection itself, the enirons and a desire for a piece that was practical and easy to use. The careful selection of the grain of this figured cherry accentuates this dynamic piece.

Leather lined and leather bottomed cup and bowl caddies make it convenient to remove six cups at a time and safely set them on the buffet's top for service. The Flatware drawers are custom fit to hold the knives forks and spoons. The lower drawers holds the larger serving pieces and can be adjusted in a number of set ups.

The central door section was designed to accommodate the larger serving trays. Slatted shelves arched back allow light to enter and easier access the pieces below.

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Full view of buffet

Jamies Buffet Zoom

Door Detail

Center storage area for platters

Jamies Buffet Zoom

Drawer Detail

Leather lined transportable cup caddy

Jamies Buffet Zoom

Drawer Detail

Fitted drawers for silverware

Jamies Buffet Zoom